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Does the Nekdoodle® come in different sizes?
The Nekdoodle® is a ‘one size fits most’ aquatic flotation device.  It appeals to all ages, from child to teen to adult / senior.
What’s the difference between the colors of the Nekdoodle®?
There is no difference…the only difference is the color.
When I received my Nekdoodle® it looks like 2 holes have been covered up at the top. Is this a defect?
It’s not a defect.  The 2 holes are where the factory hangs the Nekdoodle® to dip it in the colored vinyl.  Then they fill the holes by hand, which doesn’t affect the performance of the Nekdoodle®.
What happens when the Nekdoodle® is nicked or gets a tear?
Other than not looking as esthetically pleasing, nothing happens: the Nekdoodle® is permanently buoyant. We use a closed cell foam, which means that the foam doesn’t absorb any liquid; it won’t mold or mildew.  Your Nekdoodle® will function as it was intended.
The Nekdoodle® feels tight when I first try it on. Will it get more comfortable?
It will feel more comfortable in the water where the vinyl covering softens and water acts as a lubricant. The Nekdoodle® is designed to be snug, but not constricting so you can swim and kick hands free.
What does multifunctional mean for the Nekdoodle®?
The Nekdoodle® pool float is perfect for swimmers worldwide. It provides a soft cushion and support for your head and neck. Use in water fitness, recreation, relaxation, and aquatic therapy. Its multifunctional appeal as an aerobic kickboard, a swimming pool float, a swim training aid, and a spa pillow makes it popular with all ages. Its vinyl coated foam is not only comfortable but won’t break apart in the pool and clog the filter the way styrofoam floats can.